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Anouk de Vries at Kamers/Makers

One of the greatest honours as a bespoke designer is being able to present intricate handmade works of art alongside that of other phenomenal designers and creators. KAMERS/Makers gives designers, artisans and craftsmen like myself – Anouk de Vries, a platform for exactly this and I am oh-so-excited!

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, any opportunity we have to celebrate and indulge in festivities – as not only artists but individuals, while supporting other local talent is a major victory for the small business sector and allows local talent to survive and thrive! 

KAMERS/Makers 2021

For over 18 years, this special market has been hosting artisans from all across South Africa. Starting off as a room in a home with only 40 makers, the KAMERS/Makers Market is being hosted this year from 26-31 October at Blaauwklippen Estate with over 160 of SA’s most creative Makers on display. I remember attending the market myself longingly hoping to be one of the featured makers… and here we are!


The market guarantees that all shoppers enjoy local, handmade, carefully crafted goods, food and wine – there’s no doubt that even as a vendor, I’ll be unapologetically indulging in the vibrant atmosphere, mingling under the oaks and soaking up the summer breeze amongst a sea of other talented local makers

The importance of events like KAMERS/Makers for local producers

When everything seemed to be tragically falling apart in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was local humor, artists, South African ‘gusto’ and camaraderie that seemed to bind the nation together. As artists, craftsmen, local businesses and designers, we were in the best position to ‘get our hands dirty’ – telling the tales of the nation and providing tangible representations of what the country was going through which we ultimately put on display for all the world to see while reminding locals that they weren’t alone. As with many revolutions, devastations and global shifts, our best works of art as creatives were being produced during this time. We sought meaningful, holistic outlets for sanctions and ways of expressing life in the state of our ‘new normal’.

While we had plenty of time to keep ourselves busy with artistic expression and consumption of our work was at an all-time high, there was very little in the way of tangible support for us as local artists and designers. As our economy starts to rebuild, we regain some normality and individuals start to feel like themselves again, artists like myself are rejoicing at the opportunity to showcase our work to a receptive market. Knowing that some of our artwork and bespoke pieces will end up in homes and special spaces throughout the country is exhilarating!

Anouk de Vries Designs at KAMERS/Makers

This year, I am humbled and if I’m being completely honest – rather proud, to be one of the featured Blaauwklippen Makers. My work and brand has come a long way since its inception and there’s a design and unique item which speaks to everyone. You can expect to find the full range of Anouk de Vries Originals’ alongside new bespoke items which have been carefully conceptualised and crafted.

Other ways you can support and celebrate local producers 

If you aren’t attending KAMERS/Makers 2021, there are still a number of super effective ways you can support local producers and breathe life into our sector again! 

Opt for home-grown

Whether you are making choices about furnishing and decorating your home or even where to eat out next, there are always home-grown options that are often far superior in their quality and service delivery. 

Purchase gift cards for friends and family

With Christmas around the corner, the gift of choice is invaluable and allows friends and family to specify their purchase – especially when dealing with bespoke artists and designers.

Spread the word

As local producers and designers, we’re a lot more ‘underground’ and ‘low-key’ when rivalled against larger corporations and well-known household names. Bringing us out of the shadows and letting friends, family and your social network know about the work we’re doing does a great deal to spotlight local – otherwise unknown talent. 

Anouk de Vries Designs looks forward to seeing you under the oaks at the KAMERS/Makers 2021!